Mattingly and Dodgers need to get with it


With the Dodgers playing the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Los Angeles Angels in the upcoming series, players like Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are going to have to keep stepping up there game like they did last night against the Brewers in Milwaukee.

The Dodger’s offense right now ranks 28th in home runs, 29th in RBIs, 20th in hits, and 29th in runs. They also rank 29th in both OPS and Slugging percentages. So far, Mark McGwire has become a real disappointment as hitting coach.

Meanwhile, lets talk about the pitching. The pitching has been at a mild so far. The starting pitching is working out fine considering that some of them have been either plagued with injury or decline with their performance. Rick Honeycutt has done a sub par job.

However, Brandon League is not a established closer. As closer, League has given himself 9 saves so far on the season. Though he has accumulated 2 blown saves this far. He has also only strike out only 8 batters and walked 5. Setup man Kenley Jansen was doing really well until his hiccup in Atlanta, where he gave up a home runs to Braves catcher Evan Gattis and shortstop Andrelton Simmons back to back.

Despite theses problems that he has had recently, he still has manage to keep his opponents batting average at .211. Which is pretty impressive I would say. He also has more strikeouts and walks then league. So why isn’t Jansen the closer over League?

Now here comes the situation with Don Mattingly. Mattingly is obvious in a bind here. He has shown to be a proven big league manager over the past two season since he has taken the realm from Joe Torre. However, ever since the Dodgers had acquire all this star power from Boston they have gone 36-42 since. Although, we can’t put all the blame on Mattingly. The blame could go from all the disappointing things that have led to the Dodgers cold start so far. Luis Cruz bat has been a big absence, Zack Grienke collarbone gets broken over a pitch that hits Carlos Quentin which could have been avoided with a strikeout. Matt Kemp’s power was on the decline until he hit a home run last night. Andre Ethier has not been consistent. Besides his consistency, we haven’t seen any real raw power from Adrian Gonzalez possibly due to neck problem he has been dealing with. The bullpen has been a problem, but all the blame will be put on Mattingly because he is the captain of the boat and if the boat sinks then the captain goes down with it. I wouldn’t say to fire Mattingly because I think it might be too soon. The Dodgers should keep Mattingly until the end of the season and see how it goes. As for the assistant coaches there jobs might be on the line.